International Women’s Day: An N13 Reading List

women workers of India

In recent times, Number13 has tried to understand and explain the world of women as workers, partners, mothers and more. In solidarity with International Women’s Day on March 8, here’s a list of articles we carried in the recent past where gender justice features prominently. 

Divorce during Covid: A Checklist for Women

The Covid-19 pandemic has spurred divorce petitions in India, triggering a heated debate on how patriarchy, social systems and attitudes choke the vulnerable. Here’s a seemingly functional guide for those who want to say enough is enough.

How Covid Impacted Women Workers in India

When Covid-19 hit the world and lockdowns were announced, there was an initial trend of more men participating in household chores and childcare responsibilities. But as the work-from-home system continued and the lockdowns turned into boredoms, these duties have fallen back onto women workers and their jobless peers. N13 explores how Covid has stretched the gender inequality in our societies.

Women in Tech and the Impact of Covid-19

A new survey from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky highlights the myriad challenges the pandemic has brought upon women in the STEM sector. It appears Covid-19 has turned the clock back on progress for women in tech, as elsewhere

Thirteen Facts on Girl Children in India

Despite multiple governmental and non-governmental initiatives to ensure the well-being of girl children, it’s still not easy being a girl child in India. On the National Girl Child Day, Number13 brings you thirteen facts about girl children in India.

Mixed Marriages in India: A Status Report

Uttar Pradesh has a law that makes it a crime if anyone can prove an element of forced conversion in mixed marriages. The punishment could be up to 10 years in jail. More BJP-controlled states are planning similar rules. Plural, multi-cultural society India has a lot at stake in this scenario.    

NASA, Blue Origin & the First Woman to Moon

Jeff Bezos-owned Blue Origin is all set to take the first woman to the moon. The moon has been a man’s land so far, but NASA is aiming to change it through its Artemis mission and Blue Origin is one among its partners. As the mission gets ready for take-off by 2024, what can we expect? 

Who’s Afraid of Abortions?

Unsafe abortions kill lakhs of women every year. Still, chained by religion and patriarchy, abortion regulations hesitate to see the obvious tragedy. Safe abortion is a fundamental right of women. Here’s why. 

Marriage Age at 21: All You Wanted to Know

A task force set up by the Centre has recommended that the minimum age for marriage for women in India may be fixed at 21, setting off a debate on marriage, women empowerment and consent. Here’s a dossier on the history of marriageable age for women, and more.  

Church Confessions: Breach of Individual Privacy?

A Supreme Court case on the legality of mandatory confessions in Christianity has hit a hornet’s nest in India. The case, whose outcome can have far-reaching impacts on the entire Christian community, has kicked up a debate on the past, present and future of Christian confessions. 

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