The political Amos Oz

Amós OzThe literary genius and Jewish thinker supported the two-state solution and suitably balanced his views on the Palestine question

Modi’s war on e-commerce?

n13 amazonThe new diktats, which may cause headache for Amazon and Walmart in India, also expose the hypocrisy in the Centre’s approach to FDI 

Why Meng Wanzhou was arrested

Huawei Meng China

Huawei, the Chinese tech giant, is facing a lot of heat across the globe. Here’s a primer on the latest controversy

Decoding state elections 2018

election rahul modi

Rahul Gandhi has arrived as a mass leader. And the BJP stares at the threat of an unceremonious departure in 2019

Why did Urjit Patel resign?

urjit patel resignedThe RBI Governor’s resignation reflects a revolt against Modi regime’s attempts to tamper with the autonomy of the central bank.  And there’s more

A brief history of Jerusalem

jeruIt’s been a year since Trump moved the US embassy in Israel to the disputed city. Here’s a primer on a land that has many claimants

Sharing is caring. Really?

uber problems in India

An investigation into the experience of Uber drivers in Bengaluru exposes the chinks in the gig/sharing economy armour

Who killed Inspector Singh?

Who killed Inspector Singh?

You may never know. The mob lynching of a duty-bound cop in Bulandshahr reflects the dark realities of a lawless land